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Welcome to Pick Your Match, the quality seal for accommodation providers who prioritize creating a personalized room booking experience. Our platform, powered by GauVendi's polydynamic and feature-based experience platform, directly connects to Property Management Systems, ensuring a seamless booking process.


How it works

At Pick Your Match, we empower guests to choose and confirm room offerings based on their preferences. By integrating your property management system with us, all subsequent operational processes are automated. However, even without integration, you can still enable personalized bookings with simple rules and minimal effort. This allows you to provide an unforgettable stay for your guests.

Would you like to join our hosting network? Contact us here for a non-binding initial conversation.


Sales Experts at Your Service

Introducing the World Hospitality Alliance, a network of highly experienced sales professionals dedicated to taking personalized sales to the next level. By participating in Pick Your Match, you gain access to this global network, driving more sales for your property, whether it's individual, group, meetings, or corporate business.

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